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Laser Dust

Laser Dust

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Stunning Laser Dust available in various colours. Please note the pots are not full up. Please choose colour, one supplied.

Apply base coat cure as normal 

Apply chosen colour gel/polish and cure as normal.

Apply a non wipe top coat, cure for around 10 seconds (this may vary depending on the brand you use so you may need to experiment with curing times).  Some have found patting in to the tacky layer to be effective if the top coat way doesn’t work as well. 

Rub in the laser Dust, Cure for 30 seconds. Apply a non wipe top coat and cure as normal. 

All colours in photo have been applied over a white base colour. 

If the dust doesn't stick then reduce the curing times. 

Safety Disclaimer 
A patch test is advised even if you’ve used this product before
Do not consume this product. Do not ingest, Do not inhale. 
Product Is non irritant to skin but if symptoms develop, wash off with warm water and gentle soap.  
Avoid contact with eyes.
Do not use on children or pets, Keep away from children & pets.  
Please store this product safely