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Green Glass Pigment

Green Glass Pigment

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One pot or bag supplied. 

Photo is done under a white base, black base and green base. 

Application method:  Timings will depend on your gel brand.  Can be used on a base colour or clear base. Cure base colour/clear base as usual. Apply pigment in a rubbing or sweeping motion, ensure to cover where required. Brush off excess pigment and cure as usual. Then apply top coat and cure as usual. 

Safety Disclaimer 
A patch test is advised even if you’ve used this product before
Do not consume this product. Do not ingest, Do not inhale. 
Product Is non irritant to skin but if symptoms develop, wash off with warm water and gentle soap.  
Avoid contact with eyes.
Do not use on children or pets, Keep away from children & pets.  
Please store this product safely