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Foil Me! Foil Transfer Gel/Glue
Foil Me! Foil Transfer Gel/Glue
Foil Me! Foil Transfer Gel/Glue

Foil Me! Foil Transfer Gel/Glue

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This Foil Gel Is Not Available To Purchase Out Of The UK - We Apologise For Any Inconvenience Caused. 

Please follow instructions below for use.

For best results: 

Apply Base Layer/Base Colour then apply FOIL ME!, cure for 30 seconds using a UV Lamp. Then apply foil, use a chroming tool or applicator if possible to flatten the Foil. Remove and cure with a Top coat and cure for the normal time for your top coat brand. 

Results may vary depending on your lamp so you may need to adjust the timings slightly. 

LED Lamp will require at least twice the curing times..

One Bottle Supplied, 15ml. 

Safety Disclaimer 
A patch test is advised even if you’ve used this product before. 
Do not consume this product. Do not ingest, Do not inhale. 
Product CAN be an irritant to skin. Discontinue Use if Symptoms Occur. Avoid contact with eyes. Seek Medical Attention Immediately if It Gets in Eyes. 
Do not use on children or pets, Keep away from children & pets.  Please store this product safely. 

Sparkle Supplies UK excepts NO liability for this product or in the way the user chooses to use it.